Handfuls of Purpose is a nonprofit, Gospel centered organization.  The Objective of the Ministry is to provide people recovering from addiction a second chance at abundant life.  The gateway project for Handfuls Of Purpose is the Rose of Sharon, a transitional apartment complex for women who have completed treatment for addiction, and are reintegrating into society. 

The ministry was born from an apparent necessity facing many women in recovery.  Mrs. Sharron Fortenberry, the founder of Handfuls Of Purpose, works very closely wth many women in the earliest stages of recovery.  Over many months, relationships are developed, and these women find their identity in Christ.  They become more alive, and see that there is hope in the future. ​

The tragedy, seen over and over again, is that when the initial addiction treatment is completed, these people have nowhere to go to continue growing.  Often, the women are forced to return to the same exact home, and must live in the very same circumstances that fostered their addiction.  Abuse, neglect, financial bondage, and chemical abuse fill these ladies lives, and the recovery process is halted.  The future they had dreamed of fades into a memory.

What if that wasn't the case?​

The Handfuls Of Purpose ministry will build and maintain affordable transitional housing, while providing a structured program to people reintigrating into society after addiction, helping them continue to grow, teaching responsibility and accountability, and most improtantly, sharing the love of Christ.